Savor the Flavor of Authentic Indian Food


Delicious food satisfies more than hunger—it can reach into our souls and make our days seem better and brighter. But when you're leading an active, hectic lifestyle, it's all too easy to settle for fare that doesn't gratify those inner needs.


Indulge both mind and body with Soul™-- convenient, easy-to-fix Indian meals that satisfy your cravings for food with rich, vibrant flavors and wholesome ingredients. Prepared from time-tested Indian recipes that emphasize the use of fresh, natural products, Soul foods provide a great-tasting alternative to fast food when you need a quick meal.


Soul brings you the true essence of Indian cooking, sending you on a sensual journey to an Indian marketplace--the tantalizing, exotic aromas of fresh ingredients cooked in citrusy cardamom, bitter-sweet tamarind, pungent garlic, savory ginger. Soul marries those luscious flavors and healthy ingredients in delicious meals so they're easy to keep on hand and heat. Soul products are packed with quality ingredients, so you can feel good about what you're eating with every bite. Our nutrient-rich meals contain the perfect blend of spices that will enhance your eating pleasure. The foods from Soul are more than a meal—they're an experience of culture, tradition, and incredible flavors.